Monday, April 26, 2010

Tommy's Coffee Shop Remodeled

April brought some changes to Tommy's in the form of new furniture, added space, counter rearrangement, and the addition of new bakery items.

And cat and dog mosiac tip cups by Laura Winzeler Designs, in keeping with the tip matching program that results in a quarterly check for the Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society.

What used to be the meeting room is now additional relaxing space. However, a new meeting room is about to reopen next to this room.

Zeke and Earl's got a critter mosaic tip cup too.

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  1. Hi! Great article and post about just one of the great things that goes on in this beautiful town. We usually make the event but were unable to this year. Our cottage is on Lake Glenville ( if you'd like to take a look) and there were just too many people that wanted to rent it this year for us to say "no". So, we're helping to bring more tourism to the area! Keep the great articles coming and I'm so glad I found this blog!