Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cashiers Chamber of Commerce After Hours - Film Festival Kick Off

Over 100 area residents attended the After Hours event that we hosted in the newly-completed Hillside Park (a big old patch of dirt just two months ago.) The site was all prepped for the Film Festival, and the Chamber event was the perfect "dry run" for us.

We poured some great wines from California and France while also offering a tasting bar that featured 26 North Carolina wines our staff tried while deciding which wines would be poured at the Festival. (Westbend Vineyards the clear victor!)

The upper terrace was full of umbrella-covered dining tables by Friday night. On the left you can see the tent and theater seating being readied for the film screening.

Zeke and Earl's served juicy hot dogs fresh off the grill and Good Food brought their usual A game to the party.

A great time was had by all, and by night's end, our staff was feeling very confident and proud of our hard work. We went into Friday's Film Festival grand opening inspired and excited!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's All Happening At Cashiers Village! Part Two.

More Hillside Shops are underway.

The two double cottages at the very back, including the restrooms, are completed and ready for "business" in time for the Film Festival.

Brookings has now relocated to our property (where Slick's used to be) and is open for business as Cashiers Village Outfitters.
Hope to see you this weekend at the Chamber event and the Film Festival!

It's All Happening At Cashiers Village! Part One.

After months of planning, Mountain Film Festival is almost here. This is how the site looked yesterday, 7/8/09. We did another walk through, checking on the progress. By tonight, when we host the Chamber of Commerce After Hours event, the changes will be even more amazing.