Thursday, March 25, 2010

Penny's (Near) Famous Gravy; Only At Zeke & Earl's

Penny's almost-famous gravy is made in the true Southern way, fresh from bacon fat with generous portions of chopped sausage. Penny learned how to make her gravy in the true Southern way when she was very young, cooking right alongside her grandmother who raised her.

After impressing a panel of very discerning taste testers (that would be Jack), Penny's gravy and biscuits were added to the Zeke and Earl's menu shortly after opening in the summer of 2008. Many customers order their steak biscuits smothered with gravy and needless to say, it rocks over turkey! Word has it that we even have one customer who laps it up as if it were a cup of soup. We're not naming names.

Remember that Zeke and Earl's serves breakfast all day. Any time can be gravy o'clock!

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