Monday, March 30, 2009

Cashiers Village Hillside Shops - Now Breaking Ground

Construction is about to begin on the Hillside Shops at Cashiers Village. The Hillside Shops and surrounding garden area will be the heart of the Village and will house a number of small cottages shops in a beautifully landscaped setting. Our goal is to fill the cottages with select artisans who offer high quality products as well as with established local merchants who desire a satellite presence in Cashiers.

Our first full season of operation will begin in May 2010, but we may open for a few weeks over the Fall leaf season this year. Watch this space for more details as we move forward!

Cashiers Village Hillside Shops Mission Statement:

To understand the role of the Hillside Shops at Cashiers Village, it is helpful to consider the Founders' objective for the development as a whole: "To create a welcoming and engaging community at the Cashiers Crossroads where Highways 64 and 107 meet. We intend it to be an understated mountain retreat offering a comfortable and convenient base from which you can enjoy the area’s natural attractions unencumbered by the burden of owning a large lot and home in the woods."

The Cashiers Village Hillside Shops will function as the heart of the Cashiers Village. It is also the first step on the path toward the full realization of the larger retail development that will be part of the completed Village.

It is our intention that the Hillside Shops also be of great local benefit, enhancing the entire Cashiers valley community, functioning not only as a retail destination, but also a thriving and culturally-enriching town center.

The main areas of the Hillside Shops’ contribution to the Cashiers area will be:

Creating…A rewarding retail environment for shoppers and residents.

Supporting… Commerce and the arts by housing popular merchants and select regional artists in the market’s cottage shops.

Educating…Cashiers' visitors and residents by offering ongoing artist demonstrations, presentations and classes. This will allow our vendors to showcase their talents while imparting some trade secrets to admirers.

Offering…Cultural events in the market to include musical performances, film festivals, holiday celebrations, pet and child related activities.

Contributing…To the area's charitable efforts through fundraising endeavors.

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